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Unique and Rational Automated
Soldering Robot System!

  • Ceramic Heater Tip!
  • Stability!
  • High Quality!
  • New technology you never seen before.
  • Cut & Soldering! PSU500

Soldering Revolution!


  • Soldering for PCB

    42Soldering for PCB

  • Soldering for Micro RF Connector

    41Soldering for Micro RF Connector

  • 40.Soldering for D-sub connector & Cable

  • PCB and coaxial cable

    39PCB and coaxial cable

  • Thermister and wire

    38Thermister and wire

  • FPC and plastic terminal wrapped up pre-solder wire

    37FPC and plastic terminal wrapped up pre-solder wire

  • USB(Standard A)

    36USB(Standard A)

  • UEW wrapped terminal

    35UEW wrapped terminal

  • Multicore cable to aluminium PCB

    34Multicore cable to aluminium PCB

  • Solid wire to PCB

    33Solid wire to PCB

  • The same amount of solder

    32The same amount of solder

  • Slow motion for atomized flux (for spreading)

    31Slow motion for atomized flux (for spreading)

  • Terminal to PCB [pitch of 1.27mm]

    30Terminal to PCB
    [pitch of 1.27mm]

  • Slow motion for atomized flux (for through-hole)

    29Slow motion for atomized flux (for through-hole)

  • Coaxial cable to central conductor

    28Coaxial cable to central conductor

  • Direct thin copper wiring to component

    27Direct thin copper wiring to component

  • Stripped cables to through-hole PCB

    26Stripped cables to through-hole PCB

  • Stripped cables to lead switch

    25Stripped cables to lead switch

  • SMD for surface soldering

    24SMD for surface soldering

  • Joint of stripped cables

    23Joint of stripped cables

  • Power terminal to through-hole PCB

    22Power terminal to through-hole PCB

  • Lead wire to angle terminal

    21Lead wire to angle terminal

  • Terminal adjustment component

    20Terminal adjustment component

  • Lead wire to connector “type of crimp”

    19Lead wire to connector
    “type of crimp”

  • Connector terminal

    18Connector terminal

  • Lead wire connector “type of insert”

    17Lead wire connector “type of insert”

  • Joint to PCB (vertically)

    16Joint to PCB (vertically)

  • External conductor of coaxial cable

    15External conductor of coaxial cable

  • Bridge soldering “moving sideways”

    14Bridge soldering “moving sideways”

  • Joint to PCB (45°)

    13Joint to PCB (45°)

  • Cables to PCB

    12Cables to PCB

  • UEW wires

    11UEW wires

  • Through-hole


  • Cable to registor

    09Cable to registor

  • Cable to terminal

    08Cable to terminal

  • SMD connector to PCB

    07SMD connector to PCB

  • Piezoelectric element

    06Piezoelectric element

  • FPC to terminal

    05FPC to terminal

  • Quartz oscillator

    04Quartz oscillator

  • Stable increment for soldering amount

    03Stable increment for soldering amount

  • Terminal to PCB in the plastic box

    02Terminal to PCB in the plastic box

  • Terminal to PCB

    01Terminal to PCB


Main features of
the Cosmic soldering robot system
(Advantages comparing to conventional style)

Long life span and very little wearing in spite of contact-type soldering tip because our soldering robot is using ceramic.
Variations of solder amount (which are deemed as destabilizing factor at soldering) are eliminated because solder is cut for supply and not be left on the soldering tip.
Using the ceramic heater directly as the soldering tip enables controlling heat at will.
The PSU500(robotic soldering) can handle all kinds of soldering from fine parts to parts that require heat.
The PSU500(robotic soldering) allows soldering without nitrogen gas even for lead-free solder because high-temperature immediate soldering robot system.
The two heaters/soldering tips efficiently transfer heat and make stable soldering both of “through-holes” and “back-fillet” together.

This is the Cosmic's soldering robot system.

We believe stabilizing the heat is important to improve the accuracy of soldering and stabilize it.
The PSU500(robotic soldering) has achieved the quantification by cutting the solder and using ceramics on the soldering tip so that the melted solder would not adhere to it.We are using a ceramic heater which has the heating element inside almost top of it for stable heat supply.
By our idea, the PSU500(robotic soldering) has achieved high-temperature immediate soldering (Operating temperature approximately 550 to 600°C.) But the temperature of the solder and electronic components will never reach 600°C.

Soldering iron is useful only by hand tool, It's Cosmic thinking.

Flux is atomized immediately when it contacts the high-temperature heater. In our automated point soldering robot system (PSU-500), “Atomized Flux” (flux is atomized immediately on contact with high temperature) is always applied to the component before melted solder arrives.
Click the photo on the above to watch the video.

PSU500(robotic soldering) can extremely reduce the time for spending maintenance & adjustment on daily, weekly and monthly because all soldering data is digitized (NC control).

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