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Consecutive Stability

Why PSU500 is stable
for soldering ?

All-around “heat amount” stability is essentially important.
Cosmic’s point soldering robot system,
PSU500 can control “heat quantity” and
achieves the stability at soldering by following three methods:

Soldering Surface

  1. Quantification of Solder

    Cosmic’s automated point soldering robot system PSU500 is stable because it cuts solder wire for supplying with constant amount. If solder volume is not constant, this changes the heat for melting solder and stable soldering is not possible.
  2. Rapid Temperature Raising Soldering Tip

    Ceramic heater in Cosmic’s automated point soldering robot is capable of raising the temperature approximately by 100°C every second.
    At point soldering, soldering tip touches to the work before soldering and its temperature goes down. However, PSU500’s soldering tip can quickly raise back to the original temperature which allows fast and instantaneous high-temperature soldering with the same conditions at all times.
  3. Unchanging Soldering Tip Shape

    Solder does not adhere to the soldering tip because it uses ceramic heaters for the tip (automatic cleaning takes place at approximately 100 to 500 points), allowing soldering with almost same condition every soldering points.
    Projections and bridges will not occur since the soldering tip does not get wet.
    Our ceramic heater is different than metal type, PSU500 can always supply stable heat to the work and solder because our ceramic heaters have no solder “leaching” by formation of an alloy with the solder and no change in the shape of the soldering tip.

PSU500 can stabilize and standardize
a variety of soldering quality by followings.

  1. Stabilization of Solder Amount
  2. Stabilization of Heat Supply
  3. Stabilization of Soldering Tip

PSU500 can be used for variety of
components like followings.

  1. Through-hole with forming “back fillet”
  2. Heat-sensitive “FPC”
  3. Heat-sensitive electronic components
  4. Narrow pitch
  5. Etc.
  • Bridge soldering “moving sideways”

    Bridge soldering “moving sideways”

  • Cables to PCB

    Cables to PCB

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Soldering for Lead-free Solder

Standard features for lead ? free solder

PSU500 can solder for “high-temperature solder”and “lead-free solder”
without nitrogen gas accordingly, no extra expenses.
The melting temperature of lead-free solder is high and this requires increasing the temperature of the soldering tip.
Metal soldering iron tip will be quickly oxidized and worn out if temperature is raised.
This makes worse for the compatibility with the solder and causes poor wetting.
Cosmic’s point soldering robot system, PSU500, uses a soldering tip at 500°C to 600°C even with eutectic solder.
In addition, it uses a ceramic material with no oxidization of the tip that allows soldering
without really worrying about the temperature even with lead-free solder.
Short life of soldering iron tip by wearing is becoming problem because it reflects to the production cost.
The Cosmic automated point soldering robot system uses two ceramic heaters to enclose and heat from all directions,
making it difficult for the heat to escape. It is well-isolated from the outside,
enabling efficient soldering even with no nitrogen gas.

Two ceramic heaters/
soldering tips

PSU500 encloses and heats soldering points.
It enables soldering without nitrogen gas even with lead-free solder.

Soldering Tip Ceramic Heater

  • Two PCB (vertically)

    Two PCB (vertically)

  • Lead wire to angle terminal

    Lead wire to angle terminal

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